Interns Present & Past

At Private Wealth Management & Consulting, we strive to give our interns a realistic, up-close look at the day-to-day responsibilities of a financial advisor, starting with the interview process and meeting for coffee before the first day.

Depending on an intern's strengths and goals, we will introduce them to various aspects of the job, starting small and then building up to larger tasks that utilize multiple systems for a single project.

“It's a way to give back,” President & Financial Advisor Edward Knowles said. “There are so many different roads to go down, and I wish I'd had a mentor when I was starting out. So, now I'm doing it in reverse. Since I wasn't able to provide this 'look under the hood' for myself, I'm giving it to someone else.”

Knowles believes committing time is vital to creating a valuable educational experience and getting an intern started down the right path toward a successful career. In addition to dedicating time to working closely with his interns, Knowles also enjoys getting to know them better in more casual settings.

While the ultimate goal is to have an intern take away valuable lessons they can put to work wherever their career path leads, Knowles said the interns aren't the only ones rewarded by the experience. “It's gratifying to know I was involved along the way.”







Alexandra Renaux

Graduation Expected December 2020
Intern from January 2019, then transitioned onto the team in January 2020.

Pursuing Bachelor's Degrees in Marketing and Finance from Florida State University 






Grant Steinberg

Graduated: December 2019
Intern from January 2019-May 2019
Pursuing Bachelor's Degree in Finance from Florida State University






Julian Paredes

Graduated: May 2019
Intern from January 2019-May 2019
Bachelor's Degree in Finance from Florida State University







Kevin Dombro

Graduated: May 2018
Intern from May 2017-May 2018
Bachelor's Degree in Finance from Florida State University








Jacob Maisner

Graduated: May 2018
Intern from January 2018-May 2018
Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Management from Florida State University







Joseph Zuback

Graduated: December 2018
Intern from January 2018-December 2018
Bachelor's Degree from the College of Business at Florida State University







Michael Pepe

Graduated: May 2017
Intern from January 2017-May 2017
Bachelor's Degree in Finance from Florida State University